Sunday, February 12, 2012

Everybody Else Is Doing It, So Why Can't We?

I read a lot of fly fishing blogs.  A lot.  So I figured that I have to know enough about them at this point to make my own, right?  Sure.

I hit up blogspot, create a blog, and draw a blank.  No clue what to do next.

I'm preparing my first "real" post, I suppose...a play by play of a DIY flybox for large streamers or saltwater flies.  The project went really well and was super cheap, so I figure it should be shared with anyone who cares to read.

This being my first official blog post, I suppose some introductions should be made.  My name is Heath and I am an avid, (albeit relatively new) fly fisherman, a mediocre beer league hockey goalie, a music junkie, and an audio engineer by trade.  Hopefully this blog can become my creative outlet on the web and inspire me to share thoughts, crafts, music, and more.


And yes, the title of my inaugural blog post is stolen from a 90's album that I consider a guilty pleasure from my high school days.  So I leave with this:

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